Manforce condom combo (butterscotch + green apple)

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  • Name   : Manforce condom combo (butterscotch + green apple)
  • Company   : Mankind Pharma Ltd
  • Product Type   : condoms
  • Product Package   : packet of 20 condoms
  • Product Composition   :
  • Prescription Required    :
  • Product Use    :Manforce Condom Combo (Butterscotch + Green Apple):: Step up the excitement in bed with the Manforce Condom Combo (Butterscotch + Green Apple). With their especially 3 in 1 molded ribs, dots and contour strategically placed all over the surface these condoms will transport you and your partner to an ecstatically beautiful world. Now, make the fun and excitement last longer in bed with the Manforce Condom Combo (Butterscotch + Green Apple).Apart from providing extra stimulation, these latex condoms are also equipped with reservoir tips to make your lovemaking extra safe. These kinds of tips help in preventing any leakage during those intensely passionate moments. Furthermore, these condoms are already lubricated to offer you smooth penetration. Butterscotch and green apple flavor makes it a more passionate experience and excites your partner even more. Use at the time of intercourse with partner
  • Food Interaction   : NA
  • Alcohol Interaction   :
  • Pregnancy Interaction   :
  • Lactation Interaction   : NA
  • Medicine Interaction    :
  • Category Name    :Personal care