Itone eye drop

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  • Name   : Itone eye drop
  • Company   : Deys Medical
  • Product Type   : Drop
  • Product Package   : packet of 10 ml Eye Drop
  • Product Composition   :
  • Prescription Required    :
  • Product Use    :Itone Eye Drops is a potent formulation made from 20 herb namely Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric, Honey and many more extracts. It is a tayurvedic and herbal eye drops which help to rejuvenate and promote clear vision while protecting the eyes from continuous strain, glare, pollution & allergies. Basically Itone eye drops are sterile antiseptic solution and anti-allergy eye drops that relaxes and cools tired and dry eyes. They are also useful in pink eyes, conjunctivitis, swollen eyelid bump, stye in eye, eye strain, red eyes, tired eyes, dry eyes, watery eyes, itching and burning sensation in the eyes. Dosage: It is recommended with twice in a day application i.e. once at bed time and other after rising from the bed (morning). Warning: Keep away from heat and sunlight. To be used within one month of opening.
  • Food Interaction   : NA
  • Alcohol Interaction   :
  • Pregnancy Interaction   :
  • Lactation Interaction   : NA
  • Medicine Interaction    :
  • Category Name    :Health Conditions